Your Luxury Apple Customization Experience

Nowadays, demands for customization have increased big time. Since the market will go above and beyond to please consumers, anything from coffee, granola to gadgets can be customized now. As long as the client can afford it, he sure will get whatever he wants and however he wants it. Technology has indeed changed the market so much that despite the wide array of choices of every product there is—people are still looking for more because they know there’s still more.

This is the reason why the competition in the market is so tight. In order for the business to keep going, not only that they have to satisfy the demands of every client, but they also have to exceed their customer’s expectations on the actual product, service and price point. For them to do that, they have to constantly think of ways to set their brand apart from their competitors, be innovative with their products and services in every way possible and remain hungry for success just to deliver all the time.

Having said all of those, luxury apple customization industry is even more challenging. Apple is already a prestigious brand, customizing it should be taken seriously. It should be customized in a way that there would still be respect for the brand yet enough to give what the client wants. It would be like retouching an Alexander McQueen gown to suit the preferences of the wearer without making it look like another designer’s work.

So if you’re looking for an apple Gold Plated iPhone customization experience like that, can give you that. With them you are guaranteed that your apple gadget is in good hands. Aside from being dedicated to each and every customer’s requirements, they also have the facilities, specialist techniques, craftsmanship and skills, and professional equipment to fulfill those requirements.

Therefore, whatever kind of lush finish it is that you’re looking for, you certainly will get it. With Gold Status’ experience and expertise the only thing that you’ll be able to think about is how great your gadget will look like when it’s done.

You might wanna go and have you gadget or gadgets customized by now, but before you get all excited about it, don’t forget to share this to your friends and family and let them experience the luxury apple customization experience too. Share the good news right?


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How Apps are Changing the Way the Law Industry Works


It’s not unusual to see startups and technology-based ventures leverage apps extensively to gain more business or just plain exposure. It’s interesting to see now that even some apparently ‘boring’ industries like law and medical now have players heavily leveraging the use of apps to ensure easy access to their services. Bergen County based law firm Jae Lee Law is one such example. This has changed the way people look for and communicate with law agencies across the US. Searching for a law firm app on Apple’s app store or Google Play means – the top results with high ratings are guaranteed to be reputable companies, resulting in less worry for the end-user before he or she signs up with a law firm. The law industry isn’t alone, either, some other players in other seemingly serious and boring industries like the medical industry or the meeting platform industry are adopting a similar strategy in order to grow their clientele and keep them satisfied at the same time.

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We’re doing a giveaway!

We recently designed a one of it’s kind (well I own one, obviously!) to give away for our first competition on Chorus Apps.

Thanks to @mypersonalized My Personalised Hoodies for the easy to design and high quality Hoodie I’ve just received at Chorus HQ.


All you need to do:

– Share this post

– Use the hashtag #ChorusApps

Good luck!


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How to Choose the Best Email Service for Your Business

Social media seems to be the most popular venue that businesses harness for online marketing. But, it is not the only online marketing option. Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site, increase your sales, build brand recognition, and communicate with your current and potential clients.

Investing in a good marketing service can yield huge and important results. But, you need to find the email service that is right for you. Here are some of the things that you should consider before choosing your email service provider:

  1. The Number of Email Subscribers

The number of possible email subscribers is one of the most important considerations in choosing the right email provider. Most email marketing services can only handle a specific subscriber count, so it is important to identify your possible email subscriber count. You should also check the subscriber limit of your possible email service provider. The limit usually varies based on the provider’s pricing tiers.

  1. Email List Import Capabilities

Before choosing an email provider, you should ask yourself: Are you moving an existing list or is this for a new list? Email marketing service providers can help you start a new opt-in list. But if you already have a long opt-in list, you may consider the import limits and capabilities of your possible email provider. Looking at the market, EmailOctopus offer a hassle free import, without any re-verifying. Check a screenshot from their website below.


  1. Functionalities

Before you choose the right marketing service, you have to be clear about what you will use the email service for. Remember that different email marketing service providers offer different services. What are the things that are important to you? What are your branding needs? Are you going to use the email marketing service to reach your marketing goals and increase your sales? Do you think that delivery time important? What are you looking for in a list creation and email management service? Do you want to have an efficient email analysis report?

You have to choose an email marketing service that suits your current marketing needs. This will save you money and this will also save you from switching to a different provider.

  1. Budget

Another question to ask is: How much can you afford? Do you have a working budget for an email marketing service provider? If you cannot afford a paid email marketing service provider, then you may have to tailor your marketing strategy to the free email marketing options available. But if you have a hefty or at least a sufficiently working budget, go for a premium email marketing service that offers better response tracking and greater reliability.

Remember that availing the services of a good email marketing service provider will result in better deliverability, legal compliance, superior email formatting, and an excellent mailing list system. Email marketing service may also help you create great-looking emails that will impress your clients. Keep the above-mentioned factors in mind and you will be able to find the email marketing service that is right for you.


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